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The Association for Refugee Service Professionals came out of the vision of Carol Roxburgh, Executive Director of Refugee Services of Texas Inc. After years of working both at the local level and national agency, Carol found a growing concern for immigration and refugee services professionals. So began the realization that a field as diverse and complicated as ours could benefit from an association for its members. Other professionals who have worked in this field for a number of years have noticed increased stress among colleagues and burnout of key people with years of experience, resulting in turnover and loss. This affects the overall effectiveness of agencies, as well as the clients we serve. After further discussion with many peers and receiving positive feedback, a group was formed to start the process to have a professional association open to all who work in immigration and refugee related fields. This association will provide professional growth, and emotional support for the well being of its members. We hope to provide additional resources for members to be more effective in their work environment, and lessen the stress we all feel. We hope to provide benefits that will enhance our profession and maintain the well being of our members.

The Association for Refugee Service Professionals is governed by a Board of Directors.

Refugee Service Professionals is an association of professionals working with immigrants, refugees, and displaced people. Goals are to promote professional development among its members, create and maintain professional standards, and advocate for those issues affecting its members, and uprooted and displaced people.

To promote professional growth, professional standards, and the well being of its members, enhancing the quality of services to uprooted and displaced people.
To advocate on behalf of its members on issues related to its members and those they serve.
To educate the public about our association, and the important work we do. Raising public awareness on issues affecting immigrants, refugees, and displaced people.

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